GCLAB Mühendislik A.Ş.

About Us

GCLAB specializes in cutting-edge control and signal engineering. With unparalleled expertise and versatility, GCLAB is highly proficient in electronic design, software design, algorithm design, and system design across all domains. Our exceptional knowledge and expertise extend to precision analog circuit design, high safety, high reliability systems, and advanced control and estimation theory algorithm development.


Cutting-Edge Signal and Control Applications

GCLAB stands out by offering signal and control engineering solutions without limitations to a specific application domain. We offer versatile expertise that caters to diverse industries, guaranteeing adaptable and efficient solutions for any project you bring our way.

Our Key Proficiencies

Electronic Design

Software Design

Algorithm Design

System Design

  • Precision Analog Circuit Design
  • High Safety and High Reliability Systems
  • High Safety and High Reliability Electronic Designs
  • Dynamic Control System Expertise
  • Real Time Embeded System Design